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Oh ganky blood… Get the Stagnation moving

Did y’all enjoyed the Halloween the past weekend?
Today’s article fits just right for this theme — gross blood…

In Oriental Medicine, we aim to achieve the smooth flow of patients’ energy and blood. Where there is such stagnation it starts obstructing your system and causing the pain, feeling sluggishness, sickness or “something just not right” feeling.
Spider veins are visible sign of such blood stagnation we can easily observe.

Spieler/varicose veins are often found on the thighs, backs of the calves, or the inside of the leg. When I treat my patients one of the important body parts I examine is the conditions of their calf muscles. Is it in a good shape or is it too tight, too soft, too firm or too loose, is there pain with palpation, and if there are varicose/spider veins.

The blood that carry oxygen and nutrients are distributed from our heart to the whole body. When the blood returns to the heart through the veins, healthy muscle activity of calf and leg do the important job as they have to send the blood back to our heart from our lower body against the flow of gravity.

This explains the importance of our daily walking instead of driving everywhere, and taking stairs instead of elevators. Massaging and giving regular finger pressures to calf muscles also helps the blood circulation to entire body!

Varicose veins can be formed from number of reasons, but they are certainly harder to be seen in healthy individuals. Blood flows are totally obstructed around the veins and the stuck blood is no longer healthy, and may cause problems mentioned earlier.

In Oriental Medicine, puncturing skin with lancet and drawing blood (Blood Letting) is one of our method to promote the movement of the blood flow. I had a patient with extremely tight and bad neck pain that he couldn’t turn his neck. He had spider veins all over his lower legs. I incorporated Blood Letting into the treatment and his neck softened and he was able to turn his neck.

These pictures were taken recently. A female patient with hip pain that also had very tight and painful calf muscles with spider veins. Upon puncturing the veins blackish colored blood started to flow then followed by bright red blood. Cupping was placed on the puncture site for 5 minutes.


Like the previous patient experience, the condition of calf muscles and taking care of the veins can have surprising effect to the aching and problem area of our body both internally and externally by promoting the blood flow. Although it might not solve a condition completely it is certainly a worthy practice we all can do.


If you notice that your calf is tight and painful, and also noticing the spider veins please consult and get proper treatment at Japanese Acupuncture.

Happy Belated Halloween!!

Don’t catch cold – Change of season alert!

Hi Austin! It’s now the month of October and Austin weather is at its best. I will miss the summer, but it’s also nice that it’s finally cooling down. It is very typical at this time – the changing of season, a lot of people start having some sneezing and coughs. Having Acupuncture treatment is great way to sustain your health especially at this “change of season time” of the year.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Gua-sha (刮痧). It is a technique to release the exterior Ja-ki (邪気), the unhealthy energy that causes your body become weakened and catch cold. Gua-sha also is very helpful in stimulating the blood flow and healing where the muscle is so tight or any painful area on your body.

The method of Gua-sha is to scrape the lubricated skin with repeated pressure with ceramic spoon, jade, or anything with a smooth edge. Scraping causes the skin to be red and bruising. This bruising is great, because it indicates the sign of stagnation or Ja-ki are releasing. The bruising goes away after 3-5 days.


Unlike Cupping which several cups are placed on the skin to produce the suction to cause the bruising, Gua-sha can scrape wider or narrower parts on the body and also give the pressure stroke that it is hard to give with cupping.

Either Gua-sha or Cupping can help you stop catching cold so often by strengthening your exterior body energy. So, watch out your symptom like back of neck getting tight and heavy, little scratchy throat, sluggish whole-body, and lower energy and tiredness. That is exactly when you should get Gua-sha or Cupping. Catch it early and you feel so much better!


Have a Happy Fall!

Acupuncture for Pregnancy and Postpartum Care


One of my favorite treatments have been Fertility Acupuncture. Acupuncture is known to increase success for fertility treatment, but today I would like to talk about beneficial effects of Acupuncture during pregnancy and after birth.
I myself a mother of two children, a 8 year old son and 3 year old daughter. I was pregnant with my son right after finishing my degree and I know from my own experience I had a tremendous help to relieve my horrible morning sickness and vomiting.

While you want to avoid everything possible to be on any kind of medication especially during pregnancy Acupuncture is totally chemical free and support and back up your healthy pregnancy life.

Being pregnant means your body naturally prioritize the healthy growth of your fetus which in turn you may experience weakness in your body, catch cold easily and other immune imbalances, thinning and losing hair, constant fatigue, anemic, dizziness, headache, and such. Your body experiences such hormonal changes that you might feel so emotional and sensitive in small details in everyday life.

As I was a working mom and pregnant mom during such times I cannot express how much those simple bi-weekly sessions helped me get through the days. Yes, I am talking from my own experience and know what it means to be pregnant for long 10 months…

Acupuncture can also prevent miscarriage. Some women have no problem conceiving, but having hard time retaining the fetus and experiencing multiple miscarriage within a year. In this case, please please please seek help of Acupuncture. Acupuncture can definitely help you!! It involves such an emotional pain to miscarry, but all you need is a balance and care in your system especially for the first trimester.

From feeling morning sickness, having digestive discomfort, emotional imbalance, back soreness, and other complication of pregnancy, Acupuncture is a natural and safe way to maintain your health. After 5 month of pregnancy we also start the “Smooth Birth Moxisbustion Treatment” (安産灸)which has been used over 1000 years in Japan to promote easier natural birth.

This moxibustion treatment can help balance your body, alleviate fatigue and edema in lower legs, ease labor, shorten the laboring time, recover your body quicker after labor, promote breast milk, and strengthen the baby’s GI system.
It has been said that those pregnant women who had these treatments are less likely to go through the difficult birth, and experience healthier and quicker recovery after birth. The treatment itself is just soothing and relaxing during pregnancy.

Acupuncture has also been known and proven to correct the breech baby. If your fetus is in breech position after 37 weeks you can also get treatment for turning your breech baby.
This is one of a testimonial from Meghan who I induced her labor.

I found great pain relief and improved health with your acupuncture services. Thank you! You were able to help me with pre-natal pain, helped induce my labor without drugs, decreased my post-natal pain, helped me recover more quickly from a traumatizing birth experience, healed damaged muscle and ligaments in my shoulder, dramatically improved the arthritic pain in my hands, and increased the quantity of breast milk I was producing while nursing as well as decreasing my back and neck pain brought on by nursing a very active baby.
I would and have recommended you to others and will continue to do so. You are efficient, friendly, knowledgeable, and you bring relief.
Thank you!

Meghan C from Woburn MA


Lastly, I really encourage new moms to get Acupuncture in the first 2 weeks after the labor. Delivering baby is the biggest and most painful job that women can experience in our life time. Either natural or C-section, it is a great deal.
This is also the time the body goes through another hormonal change, postpartum change which your body start producing breast milk. This is when you have to rest as much as possible and get all the help and care you can ask for. During the first month after the labor is the critical time because it can influence your postpartum state even later on, so please rest and get cared for if you can with Acupuncture treatment.

FullSizeRenderRose just had two beautiful twin girls!


Have a great pregnancy life to all of us!!

“Stomach 80% Full Principle” – keeps doctors away

Today, I would like to introduce you one concept of Japanese secret to longevity and healthy life. This is the “Hara Hachibun-me (腹8分目)” or “Stomach 80% Full Principle”. We say “An Apple a Day Keeps Doctors Away” in America. In Japan we also say, “Stomach 80% Full Keeps Doctors Away”.

Japanese are known to have one of the highest numbers of longevities in the world.
The concept is practiced by many from ancient times. It is very simple, but harder to be done for many: don’t eat until your stomach is full (and happy). Last article I wrote about how Acupuncture can help reduce weight; Lose your weight with Acupuncture, but this “80% full” concept applies for not just for the over weight, but for all of us.

The benefits of leaving some space in your stomach

Moderate eating and keeping your meals light can cut calories, reduce fat intake, improve blood sugar level, and all of them in which can help achieve your weight to your own optimum and adequate level. Cutting calories help anti aging in cells in our body which helps prevent cancers, cardiac disease like high blood pressures, stroke, heart attacks, and diabetes and many other modern diseases caused by our diets and life style today. Just imagine the outcome of cutting 20% of your meal every time consistently!?

This principle has a deep root in Japanese culture and the way of maintaining one’s health I have found many studies conducted by researchers to monkeys and other animals.
Between the two groups of animals (one with unlimited food intake, other with limited calories and light food intake) one group fed with light meals not only lived longer, but also had much few incidents of getting diseases, and had longer and healthier living period.


Below monkeys are both 27 years of age. Right side had carol-ristricted diet


 copyright 2009 Science


So, how do we know when our stomach is 80% full? There is no measure, and doesn’t have to be so exactly. Finish your meal when you know “I am close to getting full, and want to eat some more…” This can be a discipline for some, but body will eventually get acquired to the habits of eating lighter meals with practice.

You are what you eat

We have learned that not only the types of food we are eating affects our body, but amount of food we are taking in. Food is an energy source to our body, but also too much of it can be harmful and affect our metabolism, digestive system, and our overall well being. For those who need to eat because of stress and anxiety, Acupuncture can help. It can relax your body and mind, so that you no longer have to try to alleviate your stress by over eating. Come get your support at Austin Japanese Acupuncture



What is Japanese Acupuncture?

Hi there! Thanks for dropping by!

Since moving to Austin and started my new life here, I have decided to start my blog to introduce various health tips of Eastern Medicine, and what I believe work and wish to help many others. I am not a professional writer, but like to be true and personable, and will try the best I can. So, please stay tuned!

Why Chinese Medicine? Why Acupuncture? Why Japanese Style?
My practice is Japanese Style Acupuncture, which is a one style of Acupuncture originated from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) thousands of years back.
Every Acupuncturist learns fundamental TCM, but there are many styles of Acupuncture in the world. I get questions from patients “What is the difference of Chinese and Japanese Acupuncture?” So, as a start of this blog this might be a good article to introduce to those wondered and interested.

The main difference of Chinese and Japanese Acupuncture is the way of diagnosing the imbalances in patients. The most important part of Chinese Medicine is all about good flow of Qi & Blood through out the body. Where there is any stagnation within the body you start experiencing the aches and pain, GI issue, anxiety, depression, irritability to name a few. Stress or accidents can be a great deal in start creating the bad flow inside your body, and/or individual can be susceptible to change of weather or sensitive to change of seasons and different things that they consume, ex sugar, cold/hot food, dairy etc.

We as Chinese Medical Practitioners asses the condition of patient as we take your pulse, look at tongue, to find out what is going on in your body while taking intake and listening. The unique part of Japanese Style is that we also rely on the abdominal palpation and directly get to ask the body what is not balanced and what has to be treated in order to start moving the stagnation. Palpation based Japanese Acupuncture can instantly provide diagnostic information that reflects the whole body and can provide me a complete picture of how your systems are functioning overall. Among with so many different styles of Acupuncture today this is what I chose that works the best for me and for my patients, because this is a pretty amazing stuff!

Acupuncture Austin TX Japanese
”Acupuncture (& moxa) work great for my fatigue”


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