Detox with Beets Recipe

One of my recent favorite foods are Beets!

In fact, growing up in Japan I have never eaten one until very recently.
Now I love the taste of them, but more than that the nutritional value they can offer.

I did 7-days detox cleanse with 2 other girl friends together a few weeks ago. It goes like this: first 2days are fasting. Just drink water with organic lemon squeeze throughout the days. 3rd day to the 7th day, you can eat smaller portion of organic fruits smoothies, brown rice, miso soups, organic vegetables and such. During this time, no products with sugar, flour, meats, dairy, and of course no junk food.

I was introduced then to try Beets which very well go with detoxing your body. I’ve never eaten one before and no idea how to cook them..!
So, I tried baking and boiling them other time.

After the 7days cleansing I was allowed to eat wheat, so here we go. I name this Couscous Beets Rock Salad.

This recipe totally uses the whole Beets and not just the roots, but skins, stems, leaves, and even beets boiled water. A whole Beets unwasted!!

Boil 3-4 Beats in a small pot for 30 min or until tender.
Don’t peel the skin (skin is eatable and nutritious!), but chop them in cubic and marinate them with small amount of honey. Set aside. Don’t drain, but keep the boiled water.

Chop the stem and leaves, onions and carrots  in small pieces and stir fry them with small amount of oil (or I like using coconut oil).


Cook 2cups of couscous with the Beets boiled water. After couscous is done, mix with stems and leaves. Garnish with salt and pepper.

Decorate the dish with Beets on top.




Also,  here is the Beets stems Miso Soup :)



Have a Good Day!

Have a Good Food!


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