Japanese Tradition of Detoxing with “Plain Hot Water” – 白湯 (Sayu)

Drinking “Sayu”- Lukewarm water which is cooled down after boiling hot water (about120F) has been an old health tradition in Japan. These purified water are especially given to babies, elderlies and sick people.

Lately drinking Sayu is getting a more popular practice among younger generation for such effects of detoxing, losing weight, alleviate constipation and skin problems and other health benefits.


Drinking Sayu is so simple but is also a profound ancient practice of Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine which commonly prescribes water as purification and flushing toxin. It is amazing that just by changing the temperature of water can have a great effect on our body.

Detox and Lose Weight

Drinking Sayu helps increase metabolism, digestion and lose weight. While drinking icy cold water during meal can significantly slows down and coagulates the fat in food. In contrary, warm water aid the stomach and intestines to do their work, eliminating all the unwanted water-soluable wastes and toxins. Encouraging the digestion with intake of Sayu, it detoxifies the body and sheds some weight!

Benefits of Sayu – Plain Hot Water

– Warms Internal Organs (aid digestion and boost metabolism)
– detoxing
– loose weight
– increase blood flow
– rejuvenate skin
– regulate bowel (prevents constipation)
– more energy

Having Sayu first thing in the morning is a great and healthy way to wake up your body, internal organs, and brain. It will flush out the toxins and improve blood flow throughout your body. Imagine if your body feels healthy and rejuvenated, your mind surely follows it :)

0139cb9aeb1e9e1d8cb555e7dea3ad04_sThen Sayu can be sipped throughout the day. Be careful of taking too much or too little. Please always ask your body how much it needs. Bring your insulated Sayu thermo with you wherever you go. (Yes, it is hard to drink something warm in the middle of Texas summer, but for many of us drinking icy water is something better to avoid.

For those of you, no matter how much you drink and still unable to quench your thirst there might be a water imbalance in your body which can be treated and balanced with Japanese Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine.

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