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The problem of obesity is a serious issue all around us today.
Does acupuncture really work to lose weight…? The answer is “Triple yes!!” Yes for the most part. I am going to write from my own experience of treating current and past weight loss patients, with two major categories.

I find one of the biggest reason of being over weight is caused by much of wasted water accumulation inside of the body. The fluid is not eliminated properly and has no where to go when the body’s water mechanism is sluggish. It can be caused by numerous factors like stress, unbalanced diet, weakened Kidney/ Liver, perspiration and diuretic malfunctions and so on.

However, here is a good news. Acupuncture can help to move that water. Move the excess wasted water out of body by promoting the movement of Qi and which in effect let the body eliminate the wasted water by means of urination and sweating.
This way so far, I have seen patients easily shed some pounds (4-6 lbs and more, depending on how over weight) in just one month of weekly treatments!


‚¨ƒfƒuI notice that while there are many “Water type” obesity patients there are also other types of obesity such as “Hard muscle – kind of a wrestler” type. This “Hard muscle type” that used to have more muscle density but now turned into fat in contrast take more time to lose than the “Water type”, because the weight is in the fat between the muscles. While relaxing the muscle such as with electro acupuncture and “Japanese Acupuncture Muscle Toning Protocol” the weight also has to be controlled by the way of diet and exercise by the patients. This is why for the “Hard muscle type” it is a process, but we can certainly work it out together.

Having said that though here is an interesting research article by Pubmed!
Use of Acupuncture is more effective than sit-ups?

So, what acupuncture do for the weight loss is simply by “balancing the system”. Balancing by regulating the water flow throughout the body,  balancing and strengthening each organs and muscles to function their best.  If if comes from stress-emotional-overeating Acupuncture can calm the mind and spirit aspect together, so you can handle the daily tasks and not try to handle the stress by eating. By treatment of emotional aspect you will notice that you can be nice to yourself and all the people around.

It is known that there are multiple other health risks of being over weight such as cardiac disease, depression, knee pain, back pain, infertility, diabetes and other health problems. Finally, we can still have edema and accumulation of water fat in tummy or lower body whether we are over-weight or not. If you easily get sock marks on your ankles, or feet get cold and puffy or else where you should consider treatment before it gets worse!

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