Overcoming Summer Heat Fatigue

Summer heat fatigue can come from being inside and outside of a building which has a big temeperature difference. Austin keeps temperatre of about 90-100 degrees in a summer, but once we go inside of a house, restaurants, office buildings, super markets, cars, and stores our body are suddenly exposed to 70 degrees. We go back and forth such places multiple times a day and often also drink ice cold drinks, ice coffees, flappes, or other cold food and beverages.

Once our body surfaces are exposed to cold it makes our body difficult to sweat. It is better to always bring a light sweater or stole to protect your body from exposure to cold air. Eating and drinking cold often affects the internal organ. Our internal organs best function with warmer temperature. Cold food and drinks slows down the digestive function, obstruct absorption of nutrients, and with this viscious cycle we start feeling fatigued.

The Summer vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, eggpants, lettuces have roles in cooling the body. Banana, Kiwi, grapefruits, papaya, watermelon, potatoes also have cooling property.
Barley tea is also a great drink during summer time. Best to have it either room temperature (or warmer if you can).

Once you feel hot it is important to cool your body. In this case please watch out what you intake, but body parts like underarms, around necks, and upper thigh area are effective in cooling the whole body.

If you are already feeling the summer fatigue please consult with Japanese Acupucture and Herbal Medicine. Balancing your body and strengthening your immune system with Acupuncture and strengthens internal organs with herbal medicine.

Enjoy the summer!

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