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What is Japanese Acupuncture?

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Since moving to Austin and started my new life here, I have decided to start my blog to introduce various health tips of Eastern Medicine, and what I believe work and wish to help many others. I am not a professional writer, but like to be true and personable, and will try the best I can. So, please stay tuned!

Why Chinese Medicine? Why Acupuncture? Why Japanese Style?
My practice is Japanese Style Acupuncture, which is a one style of Acupuncture originated from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) thousands of years back.
Every Acupuncturist learns fundamental TCM, but there are many styles of Acupuncture in the world. I get questions from patients “What is the difference of Chinese and Japanese Acupuncture?” So, as a start of this blog this might be a good article to introduce to those wondered and interested.

The main difference of Chinese and Japanese Acupuncture is the way of diagnosing the imbalances in patients. The most important part of Chinese Medicine is all about good flow of Qi & Blood through out the body. Where there is any stagnation within the body you start experiencing the aches and pain, GI issue, anxiety, depression, irritability to name a few. Stress or accidents can be a great deal in start creating the bad flow inside your body, and/or individual can be susceptible to change of weather or sensitive to change of seasons and different things that they consume, ex sugar, cold/hot food, dairy etc.

We as Chinese Medical Practitioners asses the condition of patient as we take your pulse, look at tongue, to find out what is going on in your body while taking intake and listening. The unique part of Japanese Style is that we also rely on the abdominal palpation and directly get to ask the body what is not balanced and what has to be treated in order to start moving the stagnation. Palpation based Japanese Acupuncture can instantly provide diagnostic information that reflects the whole body and can provide me a complete picture of how your systems are functioning overall. Among with so many different styles of Acupuncture today this is what I chose that works the best for me and for my patients, because this is a pretty amazing stuff!

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”Acupuncture (& moxa) work great for my fatigue”


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