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“One Meal a Day Diet” makes your body healthier than ever..?!


Today, I am introducing you about this book which I have been wanting to read since it was published a few years back in Japan. I finally got it since my sister in law brought it for me from Japan!

The title of this best selling book is called “Eat only one meal a day. Being Hungry Makes You Healthy” written by Dr. Yoshinori Nagumo who is a 4th generation medical surgeon. He has been “practicing” one meal diet for the past 10 years. By practicing this diet he looks in his 30’s, but his real age is close to 60!!



He explains that eating one meal a day and while feeling hungry for a period of time activates the gene called Sirtuin which is a life-governing gene only active when the stomach is empty. With a recent research this Sirtuin gene was found to scan and repair all damaged cells and genes through out our body which also prevent body from getting sick and it has an anti aging effects.

In modern times, we eat 3 meals daily out of regular habit then we eat even when we are not hungry. Dr. Nagumo believes that this is rather harmful to the human body to be in the constant satisfaction. Today’s 4 major disease of Diabetes, Cardiac Disease, Stroke, Cancer all have roots in unhealthy life style with over eating.

Today, obesity is a serious modern disease we witness all around us. Why is it so hard to lose weight? Because losing weight doesn’t happen over night and it is a process and it is a self-discipline. With his method of diet, you eat one meal a day without restriction. As your body gets improved and healthy you will naturally crave nutrients that your body really needs and start loosing unnecessary weight and your skin will also progressively grow younger.


Dr. Nagumo 37 Years Old, and Now 57 Years Old!!


His concept of this meal plan was a shock to me at first, but I suggest start eating in smaller kid size plate or start with  “Stomach 80% Rule” then eventually have your body accustomed to being more “emptier stomach.” This applies to whether you are over weight or not. Please always listen to your body and take necessary action.

Like I have mentioned in the previous blog, being always hungry can mean an imbalance in Chinese Medicine. Stressful Eating, anxious eating, and other emotional eating can be alleviated and balanced with acupuncture. In that case please also come get treatment at Japanese Acupuncture, then we can help you achieve your goal easier.


Nagumo Style Diet
1. Walking exercise instead of running
2. Sleep by 10pm
Growth Hormone is at most active between 10pm-2am
3. A bowl of rice, Miso soup, and one plate of side dish
Prepare meals in kids size plates. Start with smaller portion from your regular portion. Then when you are ready, start one meal a day diet.
4. Eat Whole
Eat veggies and fruits with peels, roots, and leaves. Eat small sized whole fish. Eat whole-wheat products. Eggs and beans also have whole nutrients
5. No over eating, no over consumption of fats, sugar, and salt
6. Only drink when you get thirsty
7. Healthful benefits of Burdock Tea
8. A rumbling stomach is a sign that the cells in your body are at work!
9. One meal a day and you’ll look 20 years younger!




“Stomach 80% Full Principle” – keeps doctors away

Today, I would like to introduce you one concept of Japanese secret to longevity and healthy life. This is the “Hara Hachibun-me (腹8分目)” or “Stomach 80% Full Principle”. We say “An Apple a Day Keeps Doctors Away” in America. In Japan we also say, “Stomach 80% Full Keeps Doctors Away”.

Japanese are known to have one of the highest numbers of longevities in the world.
The concept is practiced by many from ancient times. It is very simple, but harder to be done for many: don’t eat until your stomach is full (and happy). Last article I wrote about how Acupuncture can help reduce weight; Lose your weight with Acupuncture, but this “80% full” concept applies for not just for the over weight, but for all of us.

The benefits of leaving some space in your stomach

Moderate eating and keeping your meals light can cut calories, reduce fat intake, improve blood sugar level, and all of them in which can help achieve your weight to your own optimum and adequate level. Cutting calories help anti aging in cells in our body which helps prevent cancers, cardiac disease like high blood pressures, stroke, heart attacks, and diabetes and many other modern diseases caused by our diets and life style today. Just imagine the outcome of cutting 20% of your meal every time consistently!?

This principle has a deep root in Japanese culture and the way of maintaining one’s health I have found many studies conducted by researchers to monkeys and other animals.
Between the two groups of animals (one with unlimited food intake, other with limited calories and light food intake) one group fed with light meals not only lived longer, but also had much few incidents of getting diseases, and had longer and healthier living period.


Below monkeys are both 27 years of age. Right side had carol-ristricted diet


 copyright 2009 Science


So, how do we know when our stomach is 80% full? There is no measure, and doesn’t have to be so exactly. Finish your meal when you know “I am close to getting full, and want to eat some more…” This can be a discipline for some, but body will eventually get acquired to the habits of eating lighter meals with practice.

You are what you eat

We have learned that not only the types of food we are eating affects our body, but amount of food we are taking in. Food is an energy source to our body, but also too much of it can be harmful and affect our metabolism, digestive system, and our overall well being. For those who need to eat because of stress and anxiety, Acupuncture can help. It can relax your body and mind, so that you no longer have to try to alleviate your stress by over eating. Come get your support at Austin Japanese Acupuncture